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We’re a born in the cloud company.

Our business runs entirely on cloud technologies, and we believe your’s can too. Today’s all-digital world requires cutting edge security, productivity, and scalability to keep up with competition, and to keep out attackers. CLOUDignition specializes in making Microsoft Azure and Microsft 365 work for your business.

Global Scale

Whether it’s remote work capabilities, globally distributed infrastructure, or high availibility in your region; we can help make the cloud fit your needs.

First-Class Security

Our solutions are built with a security focus, to ensure your business can stay running without interruption, meet compliance, and deter attackers.


The cloud is loaded with value; but misconfigurations, over-licensing, and other mistakes can eat away at your bottom line. Our services are designed to maximize your cost-to-value ratio in the cloud.

Speed to Production

We harness the power of cloud automation tools to quicky and efficiently deploy our solutions. Services are often ready to go in hours, versus weeks or months with legacy IT solutions.

Make the cloud work for you.

Let us help take your business into the next generation of technology.

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Our Services

CLOUDignition for Azure Governance

CLOUDignition for Azure Governance acts as a launchpad for your organization’s Azure environment. Starting with a consultative engagement, this service culminates in your Azure environment configured for monitoring, alerting, automation, and hardened security policy.

CLOUDignition for Azure Active Directory

In the cloud, identity is the new security perimeter. This service provides a security hardened configuration for your Azure Active Directory environment. Multi-Factor Authentication, Secure User Access and Application Security are core tenets of this offering.

CLOUDignition for Endpoint Security

Remote work is here to stay; but end-user devices still need to be up-to-date and secured. CLOUDignition for Endpoint Security ensures that your PCs and mobile devices have the security configurations required to protect a global digital mobile workforce, delivered via Microsoft Intune.

Azure Infrastructure Design & Build

Cloud infrastructure can scale to meet any need, but getting there can be a confusing journey. Let us help you design and deploy cloud infrastructure that fits your requirements without wasting time or money.

Azure & Office 365 Security Audits

Misconfigurations in cloud services can have catastrophic results. With ransomware and other digital attacks on the rise, you cannot afford any gaps in your cloud security posture. This service is a review of your Azure or Micrsoft 365 security.

Staff Credentials

Azure Solutions Architect Expert

Azure Solutions Architect Expert

An expert level certification for individuals reponsible for designing solutions on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Azure Security Engineer Associate

Azure Security Engineer Associate

A certification for subject matter experts implementing security controls, managing identity and access, and protecting digital assets as part of an end-to-end infrastructure.

Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Associate

Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Associate

M365 Security Administrators proactively secure Microsoft 365 environments, manage security and compliance solutions, respond to threats, and enforce data governance.

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