What is CLOUDignition for Azure Governance?

  • Friday, Jan 21, 2022

The cloud represents technical opportunity for businsess that we have never seen before in history. The scale, security and availabilty are unmatched by any other IT platform on the market. However, like any other piece of technology, cloud platforms must be properly secured and configured to ensure seamless success for your business.

Simply put, CLOUDignition for Azure Governance is what you need to successfully start your journey on Microsoft Azure.

The cloud has a “Shared Responsibility Model”. The cloud customer (that’s you) has a set of responsibilities to configure security, networking, patching, backups and other items for your cloud environment. The cloud provider does not inherently take responsibility for these items in all cases. For example, you’ve probably read articles where files were found on a cloud storage account left publicly open to the internet. In these cases, the customer had a responsibility to ensure the cloud storage accounts were properly secured from anonymous internet access and failed to do so. This is where CLOUDignition for Azure Governance comes into play. A turn-key solution designed to deploy all of the things you need to cover the customer’s share of responsibility on Microsoft Azure cloud.

Here are just some of the things you can expect from CLOUDignition for Azure Governance:

  • Over 300 custom Azure Policies to enforce technical controls across your Azure environmment
  • Azure Policies that automatically configure and onbaord Azure Security Center for each Azure subscription
  • Azure Policies that automatically onboard Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Arc Virtual machines to Azure Security Center
  • Azure Policies that automatically enroll Azure Virtual Machines into Azure Backup
  • Azure policies that deploy diagnostic logging for all supported Azure resource types
  • A custom alerts pack to keep you informed about critical events in your Azure evironment
  • Regionally distributed Storage Accounts to house logs long-term to meet compliance and security requirements, as cost effectively as possible
  • A centralized Log Analytics workspace to house logs short-term to meet security and threat hunting requirements
  • Microsoft Sentinel Cloud SIEM deployed
  • Azure Policies that enforce geo-political fencing for your Azure resources
  • Regionally distributed Azure Recovery Services Vaults to support automated backup operations
  • and more!

If you are interested in CLOUDignition for Azure Governance, please contact us using our secure form today!